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Apply our advanced technology to transform your handwritten and printed documents into structured data and interactive visualisations.

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Make your archives useful for research and visible to a wider audience

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Historians and computer scientists from Cambridge and Madrid

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A digital studio creating effective process automation.

Osiris-AI technology reduces the need for manual processing complex documents. Make the most of the technology and expertise developed at the University of Cambridge to unlock the data contained in your records and automate your workflow.

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How it works...

Who we are.

Oliver Buxton Dunn

Dr Oliver Buxton Dunn

After graduating with an MPhil in History from the University of Cambridge, Oliver completed a PhD in Italy at EUI in Florence. He then worked as a researcher and lecturer at Cambridge. Since 2022, he is teaching and undertaking research at Carlos III University in Madrid.

Oliver Buxton Dunn

Head of marketing and customer relations
Steph Brown

Dr Stephanie Brown

Stephanie holds a PhD in History from the University of Cambridge. She is the Economic History Society's Power Fellow at the Institute of Historical Research. She specialises in medieval and early modern palaeography.

Stephanie Brown

Palaeography consultant
Ruth Murphy

Dr Ruth Murphy

Ruth holds a PhD in Italian from the University of Cambridge and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Sheffield. As a telented linguist, she oversees modern transcription work for Osiris.

Ruth Murphy

Modern Transcription Lead
Yiannos Stathopoulos

Dr Yiannos Stathopoulos

Yiannos holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Oxford, and an MSc in Statistics from the University of Nottingham. Yiannos advises our tech team... and produces exquisite models for us to use.

Yiannos Stathopoulos

Co-founder and tech advisor
Chloe Ashley

Chloe Ashley

Chloe Ashley helps with company administration and client care. She also lends a hand with the more delicate transcription tasks and data QA. She holds a degree in English Literature and Hispanic Studies from Queen Mary, University of London.

Chloe Ashley

Admin lead
Alexis Litvine

Dr Alexis Litvine

Alexis holds a PhD in history from the University of Cambridge, after graduating from Sciences-Po (Paris) and the Ecole Normale Supérieure. He specialises in quantitative analysis, geospatial modelling and data, and digital strategies for information retrieval.

Alexis Litvine

Head of company operations
Stan Hinton

Stan Hinton

Stan graduated in history from Cambridge after a successful career start in the tech industry. He specialises in UI components and annotations schemes for AI.

Stan Hinton

Software Developer

Our services.

We enjoy solving complex data extraction problems to create efficient solutions at scale for your organisation and your research. Osiris-AI provides a full range of integrated customisable tools to increase the efficiency, reliability and transparency of your complex data extraction processes and information retrieval. We have worked with many kinds of documents, ranging from 17th-century port books to 11TB of modern census records.

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image and data aquisition
Image and data acquisition (including image pre-processing treatment)

We create digital images from any historical documents, including archival work and photography. We also provide professional photographic equipment and can provide on-site or remote archival photography training.

Data extraction

You tell us what you want from your records, and we do the work - extracting all the useful data for your research and to help others make the most of your records.

Data analytics

Everything you need to know about your data, and the accuracy of each stage of the extraction process.

data enrichment
Data enrichment and visualisation

If you need an impactful presentation of your historical data, we offer public-oriented and interactive tools to increase the reach of your project.

crowd sourcing
Public participation in data gathering and correction

We manage crowd-sourcing campaigns for you or help you create the tools required for your project.

Data acquisition strategy consultancy

We provide flexible advice and support while you carry out your work, and to help you identify the best solutions for your research.

grant writing
Grant writing and management consultancy

We have a wealth of experience in grant/funding application writing and management. As of 2023 we have a near 100% success rate in grants to which we have contributed.

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